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                                             JACOB SHEEP FOR SALE


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8-18-2016 (149)

THills Jupiter - AVAILABLE
Birth Date: 2/2/2016
Cold Valley Waylen x 4 Horn Farm's Penny
Registration Status: Eligible
4-Horned, Lilac/White Ram Lamb, Twin




Fiber Quality:


THills Butterball - ON HOLD
Birth Date: 2/26/2015
Cold Valley Waylen x 4 Horn Farm's Penny
Registration Status: Ineligible
2-Horned, Black/White Wether, Twin



Our pair of gelding donkeys are available, as are 100+ chickens. Please contact us for details.

Questions or Comments? Please, contact us here.

For an animal to be “Reserved” a 50% deposit is required. A deposit is required if you are serious about purchasing the animal and it will be more than a week until pick-up. The rest of the payment is due before the animal leaves the farm. We are not able to guarantee an animal without a deposit.

If a animal is marked as registration pending, we have submitted them for registration and are waiting to hear back.


Thank you for your interest!

Updated 3/28/2016
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