Helping the Homeless

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Many of our guests find the natural beauty of our location and farm animals to be a source of comfort and peace. We place a special emphasis on helping the following: • Families • Migrants and refugees • People with physical or mental disabilities who might otherwise be vulnerable in an institutional setting. • Victims of trafficking • Persons in situations of domestic violence Not everyone is best served by being at Trinity Hills and our resources are limited. We evaluate each person and their situation individually and take into consideration the needs of others who are already living at Trinity Hills.

The Duty of Hospitality

Modern society calls the beggar, bum and panhandler, and gives him the bum's rush. But the Greeks used to say, that people in need, are the ambassadors of the gods. Although you may be called, bums and panhandlers, you are in fact, the Ambassadors of God. As God's Ambassadors, you should be given food, clothing and shelter, by those who are able to give it.
- Peter Maurin, Co-Founder of the Catholic Worker Movement